Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Many Faces of Mikkelle

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lekai's BUBBLE Party!

I'm having a hard time with Lekai being  two...not because I can't believe he IS two...but that he HASN'T been two...He's been wearing size two clothing since he was 7 months old. And now that he's two he's in size 4. I LOVE how sturdy he is, but it just feels like he has been this age for a while now.
 Anybody who knows Lekai KNOWS he loves bubbles. Besides the obvious 'mama' and 'dada', 'bubbles' was his first word. He loves them. 
T R U E - L O V E. 
 So in a last minute effort to put a party together for him...and desperately searching for a theme...the 'duh' moment hit me in all it's simplicity. Bubbles. Duh.
 And it was a HIT. He loved every SECOND. And couldn't go to sleep last night until 11pm because he was so excited about all his bubble toys. He even woke up at 7 this morning to pull out the mega machine and covered out living room with soap suds. 
 Lekai is our perfect, crazy, fun loving little man. And while I have to admit...the party was a lot of fun. Even for last minute...I overlooked something.
Lekai was the ONLY boy there!!!! (excluding adults)
Although, I am pretty sure that is part of why he had such a good time.

 So, I hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures that hardly sum up the day, and don't even skim the top of my little iceberg that is Lekai.
We love you Lekai.
Always have.
Always will.
Forever and ever and ever.
Photo of the evening. 
Makes me wish I was a kid again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My NEW endeavor!

So, I can't help it! YES...I am happy being a stay at home mom. YES...I am so busy with this alone that a shower is short and my nights are long. YES...I am 100% satisfied with JUST being a stay at home mom (like thats no big deal or anything...right?) NO...that is not all I want to do! I have this indescribable urge to be an entrepreneur. The problem is, I have a hard time doing ONE thing all the time. I've tried many things but honestly after a gets old. I think it's the stress of having to have creative ingenuity on call. No thanks. Recently I have discovered that YES...I love making things...for my family, friends and loved ones. NO...I do not like making things to sell. I LOVE selling though. So in conversations with my family and my sweet sis-n-law I have endeavored to start up my own supply shop on Etsy called Good Charma. I get the satisfaction of working with people and selling things without the added pressure of-BOOM- being crafty. SO, I hope you will all support me in this. So far I am loving every bit of it and it allows me the opportunity to help support my family and still be with them all the time. (Though I do miss taking naps WITH my kiddies...oh wells *sigh*).

Oh the places you will go.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's been too LONG.

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post...and it wasn't even MY last post! I mean, I was only a couple of months pregnant with Avaly who is now 5 months old! I suppose there is no point in guilt tripping MYSELF so I'll just move on. Catch up. Here we go.

This last summer was a long one. Mainly because I was HUGE! Oh, and I was pregnant. On August 12, 2012 I gave birth to SURPISE: a GIRL! (we didn't find out the gender). We named her Avaly Rose and she is simply perfect. I don't view my children as "additions." We were always going to be a family. She is not an addition or an appendage, she is part of a whole.  And we love her a WHOLE lot! She smiles and giggles and sleeps and eats. She is so easy to take care of. She will sit there and stare at you...until you look at her and then she will give you the BIGGEST grin you've ever had the pleasure of seeing :) In a word Avaly is: ANGELIC.

Oh yea, I have two other children (j/k). They were my first two loves, besides Kelby :) (of course he is only one love...hmm) Mikkelle is 5 now and taking dance classes and is being home-schooled by me, Kelby and my mom. She is bright and funny and people are naturally drawn to her. They literally wait in line to give her a hug. They love her and she genuinely loves them all.

Oh Lekai. My little BIG man! He is in 4t clothing and isn't even two until March. I swear he has the biggest mouth I've ever seen which equals to the biggest smile I've ever seen. And his eyes are GINORMOUS rain drops of gray/green love! His eyelashes are snuffaluffagus magnificence and his soul is one that melts your heart like chocolate.

My husband isn't one of my children...(most of the time) and I'm not one of his, but we take care of each other and "baby" each other. He more than I. Love him. His big brown eyes and his soft hair. He gives the best bear hugs and no matter how chunk-a-licious I get he loves me just the same. Never has a man been more patient, more kind and more devoted to his family than Kelby. He does everything for me. And I love him for it. big deal, but my life is simply amazing. Ok. so it's a HUGE deal, the biggest, bestest deal of my life. And it's MY life. Sigh. Yes, Jesus loves me. And I love Him.

Ok so that wasn't really 'catching up' but guess what. That's all I've got...and I've got a LOT.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Makes a Great Mother?

            Is it the presents she buys? Is it the candy she gives? Is it how she looks? Is it how she speaks? What makes a great mother isn’t what outsiders see of you, it’s what your kids see of you. You may have the nicest car and the best dressed kids, you may seem to be the most put-together mom on the block or even the city, however it’s what your kids say and think about you. It’s about what you really are, a mom. I grew up with an amazing mother, someone who was always involved in my life, new my feelings, guided and at times prodded me in the right direction and who beyond any shadow of a doubt loved me. When dating people it was hard to gage a person on how good of a mother they would be, and frankly that wasn’t usually a thing I thought about often when dating. While dating Amber-Rose the thought occurred to me many times, and discussions were had. What kind of mother would she be? Would she care about the children the way my mom cared about me? Would she give everything for our kids? I didn’t know and she probably didn’t know what type of father I would be however I knew I was supposed to marry her and I knew that she would do great as a mother as I would do fine as a father.  Even before our daughter, Mikkelle, was born I got to see the true mother in her. She would sit for hours and hours and hours and talk about how Mikkelle would look. She would fret over what things to teach her and when. She worried about boys Mikkelle could fall in love with before we even held her. I truly was blessed with a wife who is the best mother of them all. After Mikkelle was born there would be times that Amber-Rose would set aside everything just to be with Mikkelle, to hold her, even sleep. She researched and sought advice on ways to feed, care and comfort her child. She even learned the “Dunsten Baby Language” so she could know what Mikkelle wanted from the earliest possible moment.
            Now with two kids and one on the way I find my wife on her hands and knees playing with Lekai, knowing that even if she is eye level with him he will either slap, poke or bite her and yet she still gets down to make him laugh. She is always thinking about our kids, even worries about them all the time. We were discussing the fact that she needs more rest with this pregnancy however she confessed that even when I am watching the kids for a short while as she rests, she still can’t completely rest because she is wondering and worrying about our kids. Her dreams are filled with changing diapers and playing with Mikkelle, and even at times she dreams of protecting our kids like a superhero, or worries about them as she sleeps. She even worries still about our unborn baby, about their personality, their likes and dislikes. Amber-Rose has given everything to her children, her time, money and even at times health (labor and delivery) and yet she loves every minute of it. Her children are what make her happy. The saying was always “If momma ain’t happy no ones happy”, however, for her it’s if the kids aren’t happy momma’s not happy.
            Amber-Rose I love you so much and I want you to know that you are the greatest mother that I could have wished, dreamed and hoped for our children. You are an amazing woman and a truly inspiring mother.

 Happy Mother’s Day


Friday, March 16, 2012

Lekai's 1st Birthday!!!!

Lekai has brought so much love and fun to this family!
He is always smiling and trying to get us to laugh.
It took him a minute to get started but once he got going he was
And he even looked adorable covered in frosting : )
He had little banners with his name on them and a six layer cake!
Which I must say I was pretty proud of!
A colorfully delightful cake for a colorfully delightful little Lekai!
He literally brings so much light to our life, it suited him perfectly!

We enjoyed having a small gathering with family to celebrate his special day!
We love him more and more each day and are SO GRATEFUL to have him in our lives!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Lekai's Little Model Booking

I got a request on my Business FB Page for Lekai to model a tie T-Shirt for an online boutique called Scrappy Gifts!
It was a lot of fun and we got a free T out of it!
Here are some of the pics!

Thanks Scrappy Gifts!