Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lekai's BUBBLE Party!

I'm having a hard time with Lekai being  two...not because I can't believe he IS two...but that he HASN'T been two...He's been wearing size two clothing since he was 7 months old. And now that he's two he's in size 4. I LOVE how sturdy he is, but it just feels like he has been this age for a while now.
 Anybody who knows Lekai KNOWS he loves bubbles. Besides the obvious 'mama' and 'dada', 'bubbles' was his first word. He loves them. 
T R U E - L O V E. 
 So in a last minute effort to put a party together for him...and desperately searching for a theme...the 'duh' moment hit me in all it's simplicity. Bubbles. Duh.
 And it was a HIT. He loved every SECOND. And couldn't go to sleep last night until 11pm because he was so excited about all his bubble toys. He even woke up at 7 this morning to pull out the mega machine and covered out living room with soap suds. 
 Lekai is our perfect, crazy, fun loving little man. And while I have to admit...the party was a lot of fun. Even for last minute...I overlooked something.
Lekai was the ONLY boy there!!!! (excluding adults)
Although, I am pretty sure that is part of why he had such a good time.

 So, I hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures that hardly sum up the day, and don't even skim the top of my little iceberg that is Lekai.
We love you Lekai.
Always have.
Always will.
Forever and ever and ever.
Photo of the evening. 
Makes me wish I was a kid again.


Rachel Hatch Sutton said...

you are so clever! i hope to be as amazing at mommyhood as you! I love how expressive your children are, they are all so beautiful!! And I can't believe he's two already!! how exciting!! love all your posts!

Cegan Hansen said...

You have such beautiful children! What a fun day.