Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My NEW endeavor!

So, I can't help it! YES...I am happy being a stay at home mom. YES...I am so busy with this alone that a shower is short and my nights are long. YES...I am 100% satisfied with JUST being a stay at home mom (like thats no big deal or anything...right?) NO...that is not all I want to do! I have this indescribable urge to be an entrepreneur. The problem is, I have a hard time doing ONE thing all the time. I've tried many things but honestly after a gets old. I think it's the stress of having to have creative ingenuity on call. No thanks. Recently I have discovered that YES...I love making things...for my family, friends and loved ones. NO...I do not like making things to sell. I LOVE selling though. So in conversations with my family and my sweet sis-n-law I have endeavored to start up my own supply shop on Etsy called Good Charma. I get the satisfaction of working with people and selling things without the added pressure of-BOOM- being crafty. SO, I hope you will all support me in this. So far I am loving every bit of it and it allows me the opportunity to help support my family and still be with them all the time. (Though I do miss taking naps WITH my kiddies...oh wells *sigh*).

Oh the places you will go.

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