Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Makes a Great Mother?

            Is it the presents she buys? Is it the candy she gives? Is it how she looks? Is it how she speaks? What makes a great mother isn’t what outsiders see of you, it’s what your kids see of you. You may have the nicest car and the best dressed kids, you may seem to be the most put-together mom on the block or even the city, however it’s what your kids say and think about you. It’s about what you really are, a mom. I grew up with an amazing mother, someone who was always involved in my life, new my feelings, guided and at times prodded me in the right direction and who beyond any shadow of a doubt loved me. When dating people it was hard to gage a person on how good of a mother they would be, and frankly that wasn’t usually a thing I thought about often when dating. While dating Amber-Rose the thought occurred to me many times, and discussions were had. What kind of mother would she be? Would she care about the children the way my mom cared about me? Would she give everything for our kids? I didn’t know and she probably didn’t know what type of father I would be however I knew I was supposed to marry her and I knew that she would do great as a mother as I would do fine as a father.  Even before our daughter, Mikkelle, was born I got to see the true mother in her. She would sit for hours and hours and hours and talk about how Mikkelle would look. She would fret over what things to teach her and when. She worried about boys Mikkelle could fall in love with before we even held her. I truly was blessed with a wife who is the best mother of them all. After Mikkelle was born there would be times that Amber-Rose would set aside everything just to be with Mikkelle, to hold her, even sleep. She researched and sought advice on ways to feed, care and comfort her child. She even learned the “Dunsten Baby Language” so she could know what Mikkelle wanted from the earliest possible moment.
            Now with two kids and one on the way I find my wife on her hands and knees playing with Lekai, knowing that even if she is eye level with him he will either slap, poke or bite her and yet she still gets down to make him laugh. She is always thinking about our kids, even worries about them all the time. We were discussing the fact that she needs more rest with this pregnancy however she confessed that even when I am watching the kids for a short while as she rests, she still can’t completely rest because she is wondering and worrying about our kids. Her dreams are filled with changing diapers and playing with Mikkelle, and even at times she dreams of protecting our kids like a superhero, or worries about them as she sleeps. She even worries still about our unborn baby, about their personality, their likes and dislikes. Amber-Rose has given everything to her children, her time, money and even at times health (labor and delivery) and yet she loves every minute of it. Her children are what make her happy. The saying was always “If momma ain’t happy no ones happy”, however, for her it’s if the kids aren’t happy momma’s not happy.
            Amber-Rose I love you so much and I want you to know that you are the greatest mother that I could have wished, dreamed and hoped for our children. You are an amazing woman and a truly inspiring mother.

 Happy Mother’s Day


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