Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's been too LONG.

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post...and it wasn't even MY last post! I mean, I was only a couple of months pregnant with Avaly who is now 5 months old! I suppose there is no point in guilt tripping MYSELF so I'll just move on. Catch up. Here we go.

This last summer was a long one. Mainly because I was HUGE! Oh, and I was pregnant. On August 12, 2012 I gave birth to SURPISE: a GIRL! (we didn't find out the gender). We named her Avaly Rose and she is simply perfect. I don't view my children as "additions." We were always going to be a family. She is not an addition or an appendage, she is part of a whole.  And we love her a WHOLE lot! She smiles and giggles and sleeps and eats. She is so easy to take care of. She will sit there and stare at you...until you look at her and then she will give you the BIGGEST grin you've ever had the pleasure of seeing :) In a word Avaly is: ANGELIC.

Oh yea, I have two other children (j/k). They were my first two loves, besides Kelby :) (of course he is only one love...hmm) Mikkelle is 5 now and taking dance classes and is being home-schooled by me, Kelby and my mom. She is bright and funny and people are naturally drawn to her. They literally wait in line to give her a hug. They love her and she genuinely loves them all.

Oh Lekai. My little BIG man! He is in 4t clothing and isn't even two until March. I swear he has the biggest mouth I've ever seen which equals to the biggest smile I've ever seen. And his eyes are GINORMOUS rain drops of gray/green love! His eyelashes are snuffaluffagus magnificence and his soul is one that melts your heart like chocolate.

My husband isn't one of my children...(most of the time) and I'm not one of his, but we take care of each other and "baby" each other. He more than I. Love him. His big brown eyes and his soft hair. He gives the best bear hugs and no matter how chunk-a-licious I get he loves me just the same. Never has a man been more patient, more kind and more devoted to his family than Kelby. He does everything for me. And I love him for it.

So...no big deal, but my life is simply amazing. Ok. so it's a HUGE deal, the biggest, bestest deal of my life. And it's MY life. Sigh. Yes, Jesus loves me. And I love Him.

Ok so that wasn't really 'catching up' but guess what. That's all I've got...and I've got a LOT.


Michelle C said...

You are hilarious and oh how I've missed you. I'd peek in from time to time hoping I'd see an update. I love the way you write and how you des dive your family. It's perfect. I'm glad things are going well for you and hope to see more posts real soon!! (: (ok so my phone is dumb and won't let me post this if I try and edit what I wrote above, so the autocorrected "des dive" is supposed to say "describe").

Claire said...

Fun to catch up with you! How did you decide to homeschool? I love doing it with my kids! I don't know if you have my homeschool blog (or care :), but it is our-family-school.blogspot.com.

So glad you are all so happy!!

John and Cara said...

LOVE YOUR FAMILY and sure miss you guys! Love hearing your description on everyone- perfect to a tee!!! You truly are a beautiful family! and I'm glad we're forever united!! LOVES and HUGS!

Kelli Lopez said...

I love you Amber!! That could not have possibly been any sweeter, and I know that's because you're so genuine about your sweet family!! I'm so happy to have known you for the last 17 years... wow, 17 years!! I haven't known ANYONE that long other than my family!!!! Love you Amber! You are truly a wonderful example and an inspiration to me!