Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mikkelle Had A Little Lamb...or was it a Llama?

So, it's been a LONG time since I updated this blog. So I am going to just try and catch up starting where I left off. My memory is a little blurry on all the lovely details. But I'm sure you'll do fine without. Ok So here we go. Over this last summer Kelby got a job/internship at Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Nixa Missouri. He loved it and Dr. Opsomer took all of his employee's out for a trip to a "zoo." It's more like and Animal Drive Thru. As you can see Mikkelle had a Blast. They were like two kids in a candy store.

We all got to get on this big Zebra painted bus and drive around looking at all these adorable and some exotic animals.

This little guy was my favorite! He just looked so eeyorish to me. I felt bad for him.

And don't we all feel this way at times?

There was a little gift shop at the entrance of the Park and of course they had those little cars. Mikkelle thought they were great.

Aww, there she is with her raccoon cap. Out little Carnivore.

And oh so serious! You'd really think she was going places with that facial expression.

Anyway, they had a lot of different kinds of animals and Kelby, Me and Mikkelle really enjoyed ourselves. It was a little sticky (ok so it might as well have been raining) but it was a lot of fun.

If we had let her she would have gladly joined the animals outside.

And there's a Llama. Apparently they are really stuck on themselves...when the bus would drive by they would all turn their heads away from us. Wouldn't want to waste their time looking at humans.


The Sorensen Bunch said...

That first picture is MY FAVORITE!!!!!!! Of kelby adn mikelle!!! I am DYING for pictures of your casa!!!

Meagan said...

Your baby looks like a little fashionista with that fur thing on her head! Also, that one of the laughing, I totally thought, "Yep that's AmberRose's baby!" I love you and miss you and hope all is well!