Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taylor and Stephanie's Wedding

Taylor Cane and Stephanie Breazile were married on August 22nd 2008 in the Nauvoo Temple IL. Congratulations you two!
We Love you!
Stephanie is gorgeous and sweet and looks amazing in every photo and Taylor is genuine, fun loving and someone we all love to be around. They are a match made in Heaven.

Classic Taylor and now...classic Stephanie. Welcome to the Cane's!

Hanging up her shoes after a looooong picture day.

Taylor and Stephanie really do love each other and it shows.

Yay! The Nauvoo Temple was/is Gorgeous and was the perfect place to get married. The main color was purple if you can't tell.

Stephanie and Taylor decided to have little love fishies as centerpieces for their decor. It turned out wonderful and luckily no fish died during the reception. Haha.

Their Cake was done by the same lady who did our Cake. She did a wonderful job and not only was it beautiful but it was EXTREMELY YUMMY!!!
All in all everything went well. Despite the fact that both Mom and Kelby got Meningitis and my Mom and Dad missed the Reception. It was a wonderful couple days and the Happy Couple left for Mexico for their honeymoon.
Congratulations again Taylor and Stephanie!
(2 down 3 to go)


Sarah and Wes said...

I'm glad to see that you are posting again! I hope that your family is doing well. Mikelle is looking cuter than ever! And I love the little love fishies--what a great idea! Where did you guys end up moving?

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Why did I think they were getting married in DC?? how sad to cathc a weird disease and miss your son's reception!!! AAAH! Love love fish and purple-she fits right in with the beauty caine girls!!

Jennifer and Jason said...

Wow I can't believe Taylor is married. I love the Nauvoo temple it is where I got married. Their pictures are beautiful. You and your daughter are gorgeous. Wow.

Danielle & Josh said...

Hey, i didn't know you had a blog!! That's great! Mikkelle is so adorable I love her big smile!