Wednesday, July 6, 2011


To start off the Hutchings Family Reunion in San Fransico, CA 2011 we ate at Boudins and got a taste of what sourdough bread is supposed to taste like! And it was delicious!
Clam Chowder bread bowl!

Turkey Sandwich...
and Grilled Cheese for the little Mikkelle!
This is Mikkelle's sad face after an accident in the restaurant. You can't see it in the picture but she got a pretty good bump and bruise on her face...
It was so nice to see family again! It had been WAY too long!
Nana looked gorgeous as usual and though Brendon is handsome McCoy stole the SHOW!
Below is what Lekai looked like most of the trip!
Needless to say Mikkelle was extremely excited to see all of her cousins! She loves them all and still can't stop talking about the trip to California!

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Kate in Technicolor said...

Honey, you look FABULOUS. Truly. Your hair is great and you look fit and healthy (I think I am boycotting the word "skinny," but you, my dear, are it!! Haha!). I love seeing your pics!