Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We had SO much fun at the beach! It started off a little cool...but then it got nice and warm and we were all enjoying ourselves! To get things going we buried all the grandkids!
And planted a garden!
Sadly...the only one missing is Lekai...but I think I can convince Chad to digitally add his head
: )
Cute little Boston! He's such a boy! He got wiped out by the waves a couple times and while everyone else complained he was like "That was SO awesome!!!!" lol. Love him!
Mikkelle kept falling asleep in the we propped her hat on her head and snapped a shot. She hung out like this for a while!
I think it must have been warmer in the sand!
and yes she is under there!
Cute little McCoy! Last I saw McCoy he was so little and quiet! Now whenever he says something he yells it! You always know when McCoy is around! I love it!
Cute Alicia and Dan. As fun as this vacation was I think they need a vacation from their vacation.
Not sure what Kayden was doing at the time, but he was having a blast rolling around in the sand!
Sweet little Ryland does many projects with his sea shells. He collects them. This was only a short while after we had arrived and he already had a large handful!
Poor skinny kid was freezing the whole time though!
Haha...some time later...she's still in the sand!
Aaa....Dacie! Mikkelle's gal pal! They had so much fun together! She's such a little beauty!
Lekai was in Heaven. He gets held a lot anyway, but I don't think he was set down alone once in 2 weeks! He loved every minute of it!
This trip was my first time meeting little Rhett! Sad that I missed all his cute baby months but wow! What a cutie! I love all his little expressions! He is a sweetheart!
I love the beach, and listening to the waves! I spent most my time relaxing and softening my feet with God's exfoliator...sand!
Of course Kelby had to get in his "man" picture! And a MAN he is!!! toot toot!!!
Brave children, that water was FREEZING!
The caves...for some reason the camera decided to focus on the flurries...but I thought it looked kinda cool still!

Cute Mikkelle walking the beach....
And enjoying every minute of it!!!

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

I FEEL THE LOVE!!! THAnks for hooking a sista up with som many cute PHOTOS since I have no camera...I feel famopuos makins so many shots on your blog. YOU ROCK!