Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini Update!

It's been a little while since I've updated everyone on my here we go!
Lekai is now a little over 2 months old and Mikkelle is 3 and a half! Lekai is growing rapidly and hasn't slowed down in the slightest. He now weights 16 lbs and is almost 25 inches long. We were hanging out with some friends the other day and their 14 month old weighed 17 you get some comparison. Plus in the pictures below you can compare him next to Mikkelle : ) She has a hard time holding him he's so big! But we love it! He smiles all the time and sleeps between 9-12 hours and has been doing that for almost a month!
Mikkelle is still a great sleeper too! She almost always sleeps exactly 12 hours and then takes between a 3-4 hour nap. My kids must have inherited their mothers sleeping genes!
She is in primary and loves that I am the music leader. She thinks it gives her free reign to run around the entire primary room. F-U-N! She still loves dance and will be taking a class this summer as well as swimming lessons. We spend a lot of time at my parents house. Mikkelle loves their pigs and chickens and is always such a good helper in the garden!
Now even though there are periods of time where Lekai and Mikkelle sleep for 12 hours straight we never get more than 8 hours of sleep. Too many things to do I guess! Kelby is always going! He exercises a lot, works a lot and does a great job fulfilling his calling. And on top of all of that he is an AMAZING father and hubby. He loves his kiddos!
I've really been enjoying my calling as the Primary Music Leader! Thank you everyone who helped with ideas! They have worked wonderfully so far! And any other suggestions would be great! I haven't worked on either of my "businesses" since I got pregnant. But am hoping to get back into it. Kelby and I have been doing a lot of research on eating healthier and more organic. We hardly eat anything processed. We don't microwave food anymore, we use coconut oil (so many uses!), celtic sea salt and we've completely rid our house of aspartame and msg. We are also working on knocking out high fructose corn syrup. We have been exercising more and are trying to just be healthier! It feels great and it's nice knowing that we are teaching our children good eating habits! I am still gluten intolerant although occasionally I can handle my dad's home-ground whole wheat flour. To be honest it's a blessing! It makes it easier to say no to things like cake and cookies!
So, life is good! We have two beautiful children, we love where we live-we love each other, our callings and we are so excited Shaun and Cat live close by! It's always nice to have more family around! We miss and love all of you!

Kelby, Amber-Rose, Mikkelle and Lekai

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