Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Quarter of a Century old MAN!

Aww isn't he cute : ) Kelby turned 25 years old yesterday! My baby's all growed up! We had a great day and started off with a continental breakfast hosted by moi! It was a lot of fun! After school we went to Tucano's as a tradition! And had yummy food and guava lemonade!
Mikkelle loved ALL of it and Kelby thought it would be "cute" to give her a steak knife as a picture prop. So NOT cute! But I had to take a picture or else what was the point? She also decided that her bib was cape.
After that we went to Nickelcade and played a TON of games! We got lots of tickets (approximately 600) and traded them in for some fun stuff!!
But not before Mikkelle got her fill on EVERY SINGLE RIDE!
Here is a picture of some of the tickets. I got a 200 ticket jackpot at one point...it was like gambling...only not.
And here is one of the toys Kelby got! A super cool wooden rubber band gun! It actually works pretty good!
And of course Kelby got his baby a little toy and some candy and she couldn't have been HAPPIER!!!
Although I can't tell who's smile is bigger. Kelby's or Mikkelle's.
Mikkelle had lots of kisses for her daddy on his special day : )
So we got a gift card from Alicia and Dan (thank you thank you!) for Christmas and my brother gave us a buy one get one free banana split coupon so we got two HUGE banana splits for like 5 bucks! AWESOME!
And this is how I have to end the pictures because we couldn't stop laughing! Mikkelle kept wiggling her hips and grabbing her bum! And she was like a half a foot from these peoples heads! She thought she was being SO funny! (which she was) I don't know why she started but I wish I had recorded it. It was hilarious.
After Ice cream we went and dropped off Mikkelle's at a friends house and headed out to see Avatar! It was AWESOME! We really enjoyed it...and finally we crashed. It was a great day. I love you Kelby and I am so grateful that you are my husband and that we get to share all the rest of our birthdays together. You are the best person, man and husband. I LOVE YOU!
Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo!

Below are videos from the day. The left of Mikkelle in her "boat" rocket and Kelby getting sung to at Tucanos.


Shawn & Lauren said...

Happy birthday Kelby!! It looks like you guys had a blast. I remember my 25th b-day so long ago... =)

Mikkelle's the best! I love that shot where she's peeking over her shoulder with her thumb in her back pocket. You should blow it up and put it on her wall! SO FUNNY!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Kelby looks good!@ I LOVE the slapping the bummy picture...mikelle is MY GIRL! I love her. Those runner band guns are THE BEST. This family on my miss always pulled them out on x-mas and set up all those army guys and would sit and shoot...it was fUn!! We got some extra army guys over here. I am so happy you could use our gift card! It WAS a busy day for sure!!! I wish we lived closer so we could party together..you have my heart with decorations and cake-FUN DAY!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

BTW- You ARE looking super skinny!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Kelby! I love reading about your little family!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! It's so fun to see your pictures. Looks like Kelby and family had a wonderful day! Love you guys and miss you--mom/Sandy

Lissa said...

Happy Birthday Kelby! We always go to Tucano's for our birthday lunches too. Mmmmm, forget Disneyland, THAT is the happiest place on earth. Mikelle is getting so big! And of COURSE she was shaken her hips and smacking her butt. She's her mother's daughter and Ginger's niece! Some traits are not learned:)

John and Cara said...

LOVE THE UPDATES AND PICS!!!! Happy Birthday my studly Kelby! I love you guys so much and wish I could be there to party with you. Sounds like you guys went all out and had a blast of a day! Mikkelle is adorable and I love the bum shaking and pinching :o) A girl after my own heart- LOL! Kelby and Amber-Rose- you guys are looking great too (and happy)!! Love you tons! See ya soon!

Sarah and Wes said...

Happy Birthday!!