Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Turning Japanese!!!

So Tepoe put on a baby shower for her sister Malia a couple of days ago. The theme was "Japanese" and they went all out from kimono's on the wall to characters hanging on a window and of course SUSHI! Malia looked adorable (and ready to pop!) and as we are all waiting for her to come through the front door to surprise her she surprises us from behind! Way to ruin the moment! But I still got a good shot of the excitement : )
The food was starting to be loaded. This isn't even a tenth of the amount of homemade Japanese food that was there. And it was all DELICIOUS! I made the Diaper sushi rolls with onesies socks and hats in the middle : )
This is Malia's first bow and his name is going to be Kekoa. Awesome!
This is a shot from above obviously of a lot of the people that were there. Though not all of them. About ten of us are off to the left stuffing our faces : )
Of course the amazing Lauren! I had to take a picture of her cell phone necklace! Haha! She clips it on so she won't lose it!
And here is the BEAUTIFUL Malia! She looked fabulous and she is modeling the amazing nursing cover Lauren made for her! Congratulations Malia! And AWESOME job Tepoe!


Shawn & Lauren said...

It was a really fun baby shower and I had such a blast! I miss you girls! HA HA My necklace truly is amazing.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

That looks awesome...I am so there ecspecially for the sushi. I NEED that huge nursing cover...I wish I was more talented with sewing. It looks DARLING-suchi diaper rolls...really?! Why are you so cute?

John and Cara said...

Amber-Rose! You are such a talented lady! Those sushi diaper rolls are classic! I am so impressed! GOod job! It sounds like a fun baby shower!

Sarah and Wes said...

I LOVE the diaper sushi rolls! You are so creative.