Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, I am officially Twenty-Two! And my Birthday started off amazing and ended that way thanks to my completely thoughtful husband! It all began with Breakfast in bed @ 9 o'clock! I didn't even hear Mikkelle! He'd gotten her all ready and she brought me flowers.
There were also rose petals all over the bed and the floor...which made me feel like a complete princess!
...And of course the D-licious meal he had prepared for me!
There were also these cute little coupons that he had made for me (since apparently my present was an I.O.U. I guess they were out of stock) that he had placed throughout the day!
Then there was the puzzle! While Kelby was cleaning up from breakfast I went on a search throughout the house looking for these pieces.
Each piece had a clue as to where the next one was...

And they all came together to create a message: A list of things we could do that day...and the next day! (Yes he gave me TWO days!) But one piece/option was missing...
And VOILA! It was on a brand NEW BIKE! So, I know, my husband is pretty much the coolest ever! (And here I thought I was getting an I.O.U.! Ha!) We went on a bike ride about ten minutes later and the whole time Mikkelle kept saying "Wee....Wee!" It was super cute!
And of course there were all the beautiful roses I had collected! I totally forgot the picture, but THANK YOU THANK YOU Everyone else for the presents you sent! I loved them all!
After breakfast and the Bike ride we all got dressed and ready for the day and went out to my FAVORITE restaurant Tucanos! Where they sang to me and made me dance. It was delicious and fun!
Brazilian lemonade. Yum.
After lunch Kelby let me and Mikkelle take naps while he wrote out the invitations to a girls night I was having later that week (How amazing can he get?!).
Then, there was the bowling!
Kelby and I don't go bowling often so we aren't very good, but it was a lot of fun and he kicked my butt!
Mikkelle in the middle of saying something...
She is such a cheese ball!
At the bowling alley they had one of those photo booths. Kelby and I had never done one! It was awesome! We sent one to each of the parents and kept two for ourselves!
They are a little blurry but you get the idea!
After bowling we dropped Mikkelle off at Kevin and Amanda's and she watched her for us. Then we went out to this place called The Happy Sumo.
I'm always in the mood for sushi and theirs was amazing! I was very impressed!
And off to the movies we went!
We saw The Proposal and really enjoyed it!
It was the perfect day!
Every second was amazing! So thank you to everyone who helped,
But especially to Kelby. You are the most amazing man I have ever met and you make me happier each day I spend with you. Thank you for always being there for me and being so good at showing me you care!


The Sorensen Bunch said...

OH HECK!!!! Forget it...I could have NEVER topped that day IF i lived there!!! What a great hubbby FOR SURE...he is my brother after all, so i am NOT biased AT ALL!!!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Happy Birthday girl--you deserve sweetness on your day for sure!

John and Cara said...

Happy Birthday!! That day sounded AWESOME!! Glad you had so much fun! We sure love you tons!! Miss ya and wish we could hug you for your big day!