Saturday, July 11, 2009

ThE 4tH oF JuLy!

Here's Mikkelle in her cute little getup ready to start the parade! She was actually quite bored for the first little bit! Sitting still for longer than 1 minute is NOT her favorite!
Kelby and I got there a little earlier because we wanted to get in the front. We ended up being in charge of extra T-Shirts and the Candy : ) Here we are about to go onto the main road of the parade!
We had a sign that was held in front of us and we were announced about every couple hundred ft.  (I don't know if you can tell from here but we had lot of the other parents walked behind us because we had bubbles and they kept their children happy)
Not such a flattering picture of me but Mikkelle is cute. As you can see we went all out compared to a lot of the other strollers and such (we also got a lot of attention because of it)
It actually started to rain, which surprisingly got us more cheers! lol. Mikkelle seemed confused by it.
Us walking in the parade : ) 

Kelby just thought this sign was really funny...
Mikkelle eventually got out and walked around. This was her favorite part. She got to get real close to people and they all cheered her on. There was actually a part in the parade where she was running and she totally fell. All of a sudden there was this loud "Awwwwww!!" from the crowd and as she stood up there was a huge "YAY!" and lots of clapping. She just kinda looked around, started clapping too and began running again (only to fall again a few feet later to have the whole scene repeated).
After the parade Mikkelle got her picture taken with a few winners of a local pageant. They were goo-gaa-ing over her. She was kinda tired from running and walking and sitting so much that she wasn't the happiest baby. Although she was still very polite with her "please" and "thank yous." 
Also there were several professional photographers that got right up close with Mikkelle and one videographer that Mikkelle loved! He got her attention and she started walking right after him! Staring at the camera the whole time! He taped her for like 30 seconds straight on and then followed her around for a while. This happened in front of a bunch of friends in the crowd and they were all cheering her on!  
Mikkelle after being in the parade..haha
This guy sounded just like Captain Jack Sparrow!
These kids were insane! It's hard to see but this girl is doing a flip!
These girls were also doing gymnastics!
I don't know where this Stake got it's budget from but this was pretty impressive!
Hahaha, onion days...what?
Tired but cute... Both of them : )
Waving to passerby's 
After the parade we had to walk all the way home. All in all we walked about 7 miles that day. And Mikkelle was a sweetie all the way : )
After that morning we came home and Mikkelle napped (notice she is much happier in her pictures from now on!) While she napped Kelby and I watched ID4! (I fell asleep).
Then we went outside and had a water balloon fight...ate some ice cream...
Played with the bubbles...
Got sudsy...
Pretended to get attacked by Killer Baby!
And had a fire in our pit. We roasted hot dogs and ate s'mores
We tried to keep Mikkelle awake to watch the Fireworks out front from Stadium of Fire but there was no way. She zonked out. But that's OK. Kelby and I got some blankets, some pillows a few drinks and sat on our car in the driveway. 
It was a beautiful show!
After the fireworks Kelby and I passed out! It was an exhausting and exciting day! I wish we could do it all over again! 
*Here are a few video clips from the parade and after*

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

ooooh We have a famous cousin...that is soo cool!!!! I miss the parade. I have many fond memories of it there in provo on teh 4th-we even travelled across teh US to spend it with the Roths!!! Thanks for the PROVO memories...good times. You are looking SKINNY girl!!