Sunday, June 7, 2009

Utah Freedom Festival BABY CONTEST!

As I am sure most of you know by now, Mikkelle participated in Utah's, America's Freedom Festival baby contest...and WON! She stood in front of a panel of judges and danced to Kelby's beat boxing, signed a few baby signs (was very polite with please and thank you) kissed all the dolls and put them "nigh nigh." I think even her adorable "Buh-bye" won them over.
She wore the BEAUTIFUL dress my mother made her for Easter...and strangers everywhere were commenting on how cute she was and photographers kept taking her picture (we'll see if they show up anywhere!)
Because she won she got a bag full of goodies from candy popcorn to nu skin lotion and of course
And I KNOW she had a great time. She loved all the attention she got from everyone and was twirling to her own singing in the halls!
ALSO, Mikkelle will get to ride on a FLOAT in the 4th of July parade! So, if you want to come see the cutest baby in Utah come on down! (or over..or up)


John and Cara said...

Oh My CUTIE!! She is just adorable. I can't wait to squeeze her again. Congrats! Those look like some nice prizes too- books, lotion, candy, medal, $25 gift certificate to where? Way to go Mikkelle!! We sure miss you guys. Wish we lived closer. Love you all!!

Nick and Erika said...

Yay congrats! That's so funny because I won a contest similar to this in Utah when I was a baby too!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

My mom is going to CRY!!!! Kelby won the same thing w/ my Grandma Roths is in the FAM.At least one winner each generation. I would LOVE to come to Provo-for the 4th I always have fond memories of it there! CONGRATS our favorite CUTIE COUSIN!!!OF COURSE she won!

Amber-Rose said...

YAY! I know it was a ton of fun! Actually your mom said that Kelby, Chad and Shaun all won this contest! Crazy huh? It's a Hutchings thing! And yes Cara, we won lots of cool gifts. That 35 bucks is to this place called Tiny Touches where we get a free foot and hand imprint (do you know what I'm talking about, I can't think of what they are called!) Anyway, Love you all!

Ginger Cane said...

OMG!!!! Is there a cutest baby in the world contest? because she really should be in that one! I can't wait to squish her little cheeks again. I always thought that she was the cutest baby and now we have documented proof.muhahahah!