Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I woke up one morning, and what did I see?

Clue #1 Message in a bottle: I woke up last Thursday to a sweet surprise! Kelby had left me a message in a bottle! It read:
I need your help! I am in need of something from you! But the only way I can tell you is if you find the clues that will help you decipher my code! Hint #1 What covered place held the three stacked sweetness during our celebration signifying our eternal union?
It had our cake in it at the reception!

In the center of the Gazebo under a rock, I found Clue #2 it read:

My Dearest Love,

I hope you noticed the birds singing and the wind rustling as you walked here... Hint #2 Because all you need is to walk 3 magical miles!!! (My dad has convinced us that if you run 3 miles a day you will get in worked for hopefully it will work for us)....Where does this bring us to?


Attached to the movie stand next to the treadmills was Clue #3 and it read:

My most Gorgeous Wife,

Your journey is going well and you make me so proud!!! Just know that each WILD thing you do makes me smile real big!

Hint #3 you can see below it was jibberish! I had to go to the computer...figure out which weird font he used and then type out every letter and symbol in caps and lowercase to find the right ones! It took awhile (and I swear I don't know what he means by wild....) but I finally figured it out....


Sure enough, under Mikkelle's Bed there was a note.... Clue #4 and it read:
My Love,
You are amazing! Hint #4 Where we watch and look we see
What the doo doo? Hahaha...this one took me a minute... DUH!!!
The fifth and final clue was on the T.V. and it read:
My Dearest Love and Craziest Partner in Crime,
I need your help this Friday evening at 4:00 to come devour the wild beasts of the Amazon at Rodizio's and hunt in the vast Jungle of Bass Pro. Can you help me?
-Your Lover
The Hunt was over! But the feast and fun had just begun!

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

You married a STUD!!! ha ha ha I am not biased or anything. You deserve special suprises as mommy's!!!