Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Feast and Fun have BEGUN!

Kelby took me out to Rodizio's for my birthday dinner! It's a lot like Tucano's in Utah for anyone who has been and is an AMAZING Brazilian Grill! YUM!
Kelby decided that he wanted a little lobster and I think the waiter thought he was a little coo coo cause he was playing with it when he walked up. That's my Hubby!!!
There was a huge salad and sushi bar and everything was delicious! The even had Guardana which is Kelby's favorite Portuguese drink and he had about 3 cans of it! haha~ I think it's addiction. It was really funny though because the waiter asked us if we wanted anything to drink (as in alcohol) and we said no and I couldn't anyway because I wasn't 21 yet and he offered me a drink ANYWAY! Kelby and I were like...uh... no thanks. (I think he thought we were a bunch of weirdos for not accepting alcohol).

And then there were the deserts....

Kelby ordered this New York style cheesecake which was delicious, but mine was a strawberry cream pie...and it was AMAZING! I haven't had a pie that good (or that fattening) in a looong time. Can I have another one please?

After dinner Kelby took me to Bass Pro, it's the biggest sporting goods center in the U.S. and there are all sort of things to do and see and buy... haha. It was a blast! The entrance says Welcome Fisherman, Hunters and other Liars, because we all know how they boast... "I caught a fish thiiiiis biiiig!"

Oh the hats! I actually fell in love with this hat and bought it for our trip to California to wear to the beach!
No we didn't buy this one. I think Kelby was even shocked at how feminine he looks in this picture!
Me spanking a bear...
...and Kelby hugging one : )
There were really cool turtles just swimming around aren't suppose to touch them...but Kelby never listens. Some of them were huge! All in all the date was amazing and baby free! My parents watched Mikkelle so Kelby and I got a chance to spend some time alone together. It was amazing : )

Thanks for reading and I hope it wasn't too much of a stinker!!!!

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

I am a BIT jealous of all your fun dates!!!! However I did enjoy living with my in-laws for a short few months between grad school and a job b/c we had automatic babysitters!! and NO babysitting fees!!!! We always knew Kelby was a little feminine! ha ha ha Crazy Lovers!