Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Like Life, Life Likes Me....

Well what can I say? I have a great life, a wonderful husband and a beautiful baby girl. Life really is good. Kelby and I spent a lot of time this week together. It was really nice. We took family photos, our first ever since we've been married and celebrated the day we were originally going to get married on (June 23rd) by eating the wedding cake my parents have been storing in their fridge for the last year and a half! It wasn't the best but it wasn't too shabby either...

Kelby is an amazing daddy to Mikkelle. He does all the rough housing that I won't/don't do and even though I cringe now and again, if he's gonna do it...I might as well catch it on camera! Kelby and I got a good laugh out of this picture deciding it looked more like a stork dropped Mikkelle out of the sky rather than Kelby throwing her in the air. Either way, I love it! And so does Mikkelle. This is probably one of her favorite things to do (you'd think my arms would be skinnier huh?).

Kelby and Mikkelle also had a lot of fun "drawing" for the first time. Kelby helped (a little haha). I remember seeing other parents put up the drawings their kids had done for them in school like it was a prized piece by Van Gogh
and thinking that it was ridiculous. But now, I understand. I think I might even get it framed : )

I have to admit I was surprised how well the cake still looked. There was even a flower on the top of it that had been frozen with it and as it thawed it still looked quite beautiful and the petals were still soft! It was pretty cool. My bouquet, even though it was all dried out was gorgeous still and it brought back a lot of really good memories.
We even decided to take pictures of us cutting it again. We used my mom and dad's knife that they used for their wedding. It was a lot of fun.
It's hard to believe that we are coming up on our two year anniversary. Time really does fly. Mikkelle will be eight months this next Sunday and I'll be twenty one. Wow. I love my husband, I love Mikkelle...I LOVE my life.


The Sorensen Bunch said...

OK that kelby throwing picture is CLaSSiC! It does looke like she is getting dropped by a stork-ha ha-don;t you wish it was really that easy to get a baby?ha ha How cheezy cute taking the hand pictures. Our cake got lost at about a year right as we were going to eat it-oh wells-my thighs don;t miss that cake! Happy Love life day!!!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

BTW- You are going to have FILING cabinets full of pictures--it is hard to let them go!

Forever Young said...

Congratulations on Two years:) Ashton and I ate the top of our thawed wedding cake (well a tiny bite of it) on our one year anniversary. It was pretty special, but I won't lie, our cake didn't taste all that great after being frozen for a year:) How was yours.

PS I kept my bouquet for a year and it was absolutely beautiful too:)