Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Greatest Women, Best Mother, and Dearest Friend and Wife

Well my wife is off being busy so I thought I would leave a quick note telling everyone why Amber-Rose is amazing.
1. She is the MOST creative person in the world. Look at her masterpiece to the left. I helped of course but she came up with the idea of a hamburger Cake, yep you guessed it the hamburger is a cake and the french fries are sugar cookies, amazing. Not only that but she came up with the shirt ideas that we wear to everyone of our family Reunions, she makes shoes, paints, sings, can play pretend with Mikkelle for hours and just has some of the most innovative ideas I have ever heard of. I love her for her creativity.
2. I love me wife for her spontaneity. I love her so much when out of the clear blue she'll wrap her arms around you and then the next second make the funniest face in the world. She loves to make everyone around her happy and does it through random acts of randomness, it's fun.

3. My wife is the MOST beautiful woman in the world. I can still recall the first day I laid eyes on my wife, I can remember her outfit, her hair style, where she was sitting, what she was doing, because she left such an impression on me. She is stunning and gorgeous. This is a picture her mom took of her right before we got married, Hot mama, and yes she is...A Hot Mama!! She is so beautiful to this day I get butterflies in my stomach every time I see her and I fell like a little school boy who just kissed the prettiest girl in his class. You know you she's hot when I show pictures of her to the missionaries at the MTC and the only thing they can say is "Good JOB!" and as we drive or walk together you catch guys taking double takes at your wife.

4. She is the best Mother that I have ever read about or known. She loves Mikkelle so unconditionally it amazing the things she thinks about for Mikkelle's safety, for her well being, what she does to make sure she is happy, and healthy, he creativity being poured into Mikkelle and almost every waking and sleeping hours spent thinking about Mikkelle, praying for Mikkelle, doing something for Mikkelle and being with our gorgeous daughter.
5. I love my Wife because she loves me. The scriptures say we love God because he loved us first and I feel like no matter how much and and how hard I try to love my wife more, she always has an unconditional and everlasting love so much stronger than I can imagine. I love her for her ability to overlook my imperfections, to magnify my strengths, to endure the annoyance, and to love me. I love her so much and wanted to thank her for all that she does for me publicly, while also telling her I love her and appreciate her and wish her a happy birthday week as her 21st birthday is coming this Sunday. Honey thank you and I love you soooooo much. Love, your hubby.


Kristofer & Corrine said...

Wow!! Kelby that was beautiful!! Your wife is amazing!! :)

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Oh you sweet little LOvERS!!!! Happy Birthday AMbER-ROse...hope you get a hamburger cake!!!! My b-day posts are running stay tuned for yours!!!

John and Cara said...

Those are some great things to say about her Kelby. We love you Amber-Rose!! I will cherish the times we spent together- games we played, movies watched, double dates, playing with Mikkelle, etc., etc. Miss ya and Happy Early Birthday!!