Sunday, November 14, 2010

And then she was THREE....

So I thought about putting this picture at the beginning, middle and end of this post since it was what she talked about the most on her birthday! Kelby Snuck into her room at like 5 am and put a TON of balloons all over her floor and from her ceiling. When she woke up she ran out with a balloon yelling "there's balloons in my room for my birfday!" "because it's my birfday, there's balloons" and she said that about a MILLION more times : ) And every time I tried to take a picture of her holding a balloon she threw it at the last second. Love her!
I made Mikkelle chocolate chip pancakes with syrup and powdered sugar. She ate three of the BIG ones...ok she inhaled them!
After breakfast we got dressed and took her to Petland. They let you hold all the animals there and she loved the puppies. The thought her skirt was a chew toy however....
She was extremely happy but not as happy as she was with the hamsters...and we were so caught up holding them that I forgot to get a picture : (
Then there were the birds. I had a hard time with this at first...but eventually one of them warmed me up a little and I even held it. (of course while I was holding it another bird jumped out of the hands of someone else onto ME flapping and fluttering all over my leg....figures).
Mikkelle however is not afraid of them at all. In fact she was letting him walk all over her back and arms. She even tried to get the little boy in the pic above to try and pet the bird. He was not as excited.
After holding the puppies, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds we went out to Red Robin.
Mikkelle LOVES their little pizza and always wants to try one of the fancy drinks...and it turns out they look better than they taste.
Then the sang to her and gave her ice cream and a balloon and she was VERY HAPPY!!!!!
After naps (yes plural..we all took one...) Kelby came home from work and we went to Qdoba. She loves their little chicken quesadilla.
One of the family's faves!
When we finished up there Mikkelle requested to go BACK to AWAY we went! She had just as much fun as the first time and was DISTRAUGHT to be leaving. But she's a good little girl and finally was convinced that ice cream and presents were going to be more fun...
So we went to Andy's : ) YUM!
Then off to home to play "hot" and "cold" to find her presents. This is the dino hat I had made for her. She loves it!
And here is another one. I exchanged a jewelry box with someone on Etsy to make me some hats for Mikkelle. She loved them and I actually made money off of it. : )
And this picture is for the Hutchings : ) Here is what she got this year! (She's sitting on a new really comfy mattress and a super soft crib sheet and pillow my mom made)
And here she is in her PJ's of choice for the night. Happy Birthday my little Mikkelle. I love you.

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What a big girl you have!! :)