Saturday, September 11, 2010

I like me some Minivan.

Yay! We got a minivan! or should I say Yay we got a car! Who cares what kind? (although I'm glad it's a minivan!) I'm sure most of you know we broke down in the middle of the Nevada desert on our way to moving out to Missouri!
And we have been car-less ever since...until this week! We found an AMAZING car for an AMAZING price and couldn't NOT get it. And I'm so glad we did! It's perfect!
We'll be able to have this car for a LONG time! (I'm thinking we should fit the WHOLE family in it....always)
It's got bucket seats, which I love and two sliding doors. Both of which were my stipulations for getting a minivan.
Can't wait to take it on a long trip! It will make life so much easier and roomier for a family drive : ) Also, can't wait to have another car-seat in the back there with Mikkelles. YAY!


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happy happy

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those seats look comfy! now thats my kind of car. with love- Lauren