Wednesday, April 7, 2010

EASTER 2010!!!

We had a WONDERFUL Easter. Everything from The Eggs to Conference were perfect : )
Here's Mikkelle's Basket. She found it next to her bed in the morning and immediately ran to show me and Grandma and Grandpa!
She got lots of yummy candy and cute little toys : )

And she's always so sharing...
While she was getting dressed and ready the Easter Bunny came and hid little chocolate eggs all over the living room! She had a ton of fun finding them once she got the hang of it...
We haven't been able to separate her from them since!
What a little cutie! LOVE HER!
And here she is happily munching away on some yummy chocolate...
She even turned into a bunny herself for a little while and hopped around the living room!
After Conference in the morning Mikkelle and the fam decorated Easter eggs and then went out to find them!
It was actually kinda hot...around 80 degrees! But it was beautiful and green and Mikkelle ran ALL over the backyard. But one of the eggs was never found...either Shelby (our dog) or some other animal got to it!
Of course what is Easter without a mini modeling show from Mikkelle?
Haha, she was ready to eat everything in her basket! Plastic or not!
We love our little Mikkelle and were so glad to enjoy all of the Holiday Traditions as well as celebrating in our Savior, Jesus Christs Resurrection!
What a simply perfect day!

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