Friday, February 5, 2010

Where you always get MO!

Below are a TON of picture at random. There was so much going on every day it would be too long to I've just summarized a few things : ) I hope you enjoy! If you would like to see some of the things that my mom and I created check out my Etsy shop
The morning we left...Mikkelle was watching Winnie the Pooh and zoning out because she had gotten up VERY early that morning to sneak into the candy jar. My dad found her at 6:45 am leaning over the couch with her hand in the jar covered in chocolate. lol.
Hmmm...I changed this ones rotation but apparently it didn't work. Cute pic though.
Classic Mikkelle.
: ) My little sweetie... IDEA where she learned this look.
Love this one! Thinkin about sending it out. It's been a LONG time since we did that.

Wanted to go outside...all day...every day.
Grandpa gave in...and Shelby tagged along : )
Below are some "Mikkelle Faces"

Made this for Brendon for his "Hump Day"
Some friends/family came over on Sunday and we played. It was a lot of fun!
The adorable Ethan!
And little Brienne! I fell in love instantly. Not only is she extremely BEAUTIFUL but she is so bright! Her eyes are so wide and you can SEE her learning. She is adorable.
And the cutest little cousins! Love them. Maya (I'm sorry if I am spelling her name wrong!) and Brienne. Only like 3 or 4 days difference. Kiss Maya's cheeks and you'll never want to kiss anything else. Soft and Juicy. Just like they should be : )

Burrito Baby.
Mikkelle and I had an AMAZING time at my parents house. We accomplished a ton and really enjoyed each others company. And though I am SO happy to be home, I can't wait to go back! Love you Mom and Dad! Thanks for everything!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, we love you and your whole family! We miss you so much, but we are so grateful to know we will see you again. Hopefully it won't be tooooo long! Really cute pics. I love your blog.--mom

Anonymous said...

ohh cute pictures! What a great camra you must have. The pictures are soooo clear. I love Mikkelle's little red headed pig tails, and I love the picture of my baby and her daddy. It was fun to see you guys!