Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Version of Christmas

This year Kelby, Mikkelle and I all went to California for Christmas! It was a lot of fun and it was nice to spend time with family. Mikkelle was the only Grandchild there this year and she was sooo spoiled because of it. She pretty much thought Cat was the greatest and still says some cute things because of her. So of course we did a bunch of traditions once the partay got started. One of them is looking up from under the tree after it's been decorated. It was mine and Mikkelle's first time and it was actually quite relaxing!
And afterwards we put all the pretty presents under! The tree looked Perfect! It was the fluffiest, straightest tree I've ever seen! And they got it for like $20 bucks!
...And I admit...I've never seen so many stockings hung under the chimney...

Jeanie said these (most of them) were Brendons. I've always thought Nutcrackers were cool and we even got one as an ornament this year! It was nice to talk to Brendon this year and to hear how he is doing. Hopefully after his mission I'll have someone else on my side to convert everyone to move to Missouri. : )
I also love that everyone (well almost) that had gone on a mission in their family had a decoration from their mission. Kelby's is the rooster from Portugal.
We didn't get the lights up until a little later this year cause it rained and Nana was the light put-er-upper! She also had to look around for a poopy diaper up there because Kelby thought he could make the dumpter on the other side of the building. Haha...
We also did Gingerbread houses. Kelby's is the one with a HUGE roof and mine is the soap and dish. haha. I was going to make something else...but that fell through. Literally. Nana's had a voodoo man and Cat's had the entire Temple Session. Haha! Although Kent thought it was a car wash!
And what would Christmas be without a little golfing?
Well...actually it would still be Christmas....
But I can't deny how cute they all look! Haha. It's like they are on the golf team in High School!
We also had the traditional Nativity reinactment. I played multiple shepherds. Kelby the scary angel guy (who reminded me of the angel from "total eclipse of the heart" music video) Shaun the Pimp gangster wiseman...Cat the Israeli "don't look at my face" wisewoman...and of course Nanna as the Pop Princess wisewoman. Kent and Amberlyn played Mary and Joseph with Mikkelle as baby Jesus. I hope we don't burn for this one.
I think the Sheperds were frightened...but I don't think it was because the angel was going to eat them.


Pam said...

Does Kelby know you compared him to the Total Eclipse of the heart video?!? =) So funny! Looks like you had a great time!

Kelby and Amber-Rose said...

Not yet! Muahahaha!!!

Sarah and Wes said...

I love that you guys have so many traditions! That is awesome. I'm big on traditions. We were in Cali too! Got to love it.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Aaah a Hutchings Christmas...there is nothing like it! huh! You brave soul, even though nothing compares-ha ha ha
Mikkelle being the only kid there is a present for sure...I am glad she was-my mom cannot stop talking about how dang cute she is and how she was Christmas!
I dont think I have an ornament from my mission-I guess I am not cool enough in the US! ha ha ha
Wish they lived closer and there was more room--we would have so been there!