Friday, January 15, 2010

Merry Christmas Mikkelle!

So for Christmas, our big gift to her was getting some fish! So we got Four!
Most of them are goldfish, but we got them from a specialty store and they are really pretty...
And we also got a sucker fish!
Mikkelle was having the best time ever looking at all her options but she specifically picked out the rasberryhead (above).
It was a lot of fun to see how excited she got!
Merry Christmas Mikkelle, we love you!
(oh and the sucker fish can get up to like 10 inches long)


Pam said...

How fun! We've talked about doing that for about 4 years now, ever since Hyrum was 3 but just never gotten around to doing it! Now that I see Mikkelle's I want to do it even more! How fun!

Sarah and Wes said...

So cool! I love it!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Oooh wait until she sticks all her toys INTO the fish tank and the fish end up on the floor with the YUMMY fish water! We tried fish...but we had 2 littls boys, maybe that is the difference! ha ha ha