Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day HIKE!

So, for Labor day, Chad and Beth and their Kids, and Nana and Our Family all went and had a picnic near Bridal Falls and went on a hike on a trail. Before we started of coarse Mikkelle, had to get her "pre-hike dirty" on!
She looked like a little raccoon or something!
We played down by the river...
Hung out waiting for the coals to heat up!
Enjoyed nature!
And had a nice time visiting with each other!
And finally the grill was ready, so we cooked up the hamburgers, or chad did (thanks chad!) and ate up! YUM!
Then UP the trail we went!
And up!
(Sorry this is crooked, I've been doing that a lot lately!) And up!
And this was McCoy like the whole time. Awake...but not really awake!

VOILA! The Falls! These aren't Bridal Falls, but there was no one there and it was beautiful! Everyone who went to the top took turns touching the falls. You could hear some of them screaming because it was so cold (aka Kelby)
Cute Little McCoy
more hiking...
Beth was incredible! Here she is pregnant and is kicking all our butts while she has three kids hanging off her! All in all it was a great day. No one got hurt although Nana almost fell down a hill and Kelby almost didn't fit through the "gate" in the But it was awesome! Very refreshing! Especially since later on that day all of us would be stuffing our faces : )

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