Saturday, August 1, 2009

BLoCk PaRtY!

Kelby and I used Pioneer day as an excuse to throw a party!
We had lots of games for the kids and even had prizes!
It was pretty HOT so we had bobbing for apples so the kids could keep kool
Random, but this was our first tomato from our garden. It's was delicious (o.k. I was gonna quote something but I think I'll veto that idea).
Haha, take it Edward! (Does my tomato DAZZLE you?)
Poor Mikkelle! "No Touchy!"
WAY TOO MUCH FOOD! But it was yummy! Thanks everyone!
Donut competition!
Dylan Won. Obviously.
Haha, slacker. 
Bean Bag toss!
Morgan's so cute!
Hello Hyrum
Boston and Mikkelle were trying to get the same donut! They were laughing so hard it was hilarious! 
Little did we know that we were going to have ALL the grand kids at out house! MADNESS! But FUN MADNESS!
We ate popcorn and watched Monsters Inc for the kids and Clover field for the adults on a projector we borrowed from a friends (notice my house is destroyed in picture about lol)
And of course fireworks! Kelby and I bought a few but Pam and Anthony bought the MOTHER LOAD, and it was a blast!
Kinda cool...
And of course Sparklers for all the kids! 
Although it was extremely hot that day, it was a lot of fun! 
Kelby and I love putting little parties together lately and hanging out with friends and family! It was great to see you Dan and Alicia! Glad you guys dropped by! 


~LiSsA~ said...

LOVE the pictures of her stuffing her face with the doughnut. It cracks me up. Let me guess the tomato quote...something to do with slicing them Julienne from FRIENDS? haha

Kelby and Amber-Rose said...

HAHA! No but that is a good one! I actually just went to the

Jenny said...

Sad we couldn't be there but it looks like a blast!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

LOVED THE PARTY!!! Sorry we missed the daylight part of it! THANKS AS guys are da BOMB!!!!