Thursday, May 28, 2009


So this is going to be a random post of pictures. Ignore the dates on the pictures they are way off.
These are the roses Kelby bought me for Mother's Day. They were gorgeous and most of them lasted for TWO weeks! That's a pretty long time...and they smelt gorgeous.
This is Mikkelle eating spaghetti by herself and apparently very proud of doing so.
I just bought Mikkelle a little baby doll and a bottle and she loves them both. She's been carrying them around everywhere and takes such good care of her baby. She put her doll in the seat next to her by herself and was patting it gently. (She pats me sometimes on the back and says "it's okay" all the time! It's so cute!)
Mikkelle found the Styrofoam...uh oh.
Just a cute picture of Mikkelle smiling...we were about to go to the park. She was very happy about this.
Her FIRST PIGTAILS. I call them "PunyTails" but they are super cute and help cover the fact that she has a mullet.
Juicy lips. That's all.

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John and Cara said...

What a CUTIE!! I just want to hug and play with her so bad! Miss you guys. Your backyard is looking awesome also. Good idea about the golf and sprinklers for Memorial Day. Looked like you had a great turnout and lots of fun! You guys ROCK! Love you tons!