Thursday, July 3, 2008

SiLvEr DoLlAr CiTy!

I have an AMAZING ANOTHER part of my birthday present, he arranged for my parents to watch Mikkelle all day so that we could go to the local theme park Silver Dollar City. It was a blast! It actually was raining a little for the first part of the day so the rides were closed due to lightning, but that soon passed and we had a ton of fun hopping rides and walking around the City. There are all these really cute shops you can go in like a glass blowing shop, a blacksmith shop, a honey shop where they have all these amazing flavors of honey, they have all this yummy old fashioned southern goodies and there is always something to do!
Kelby and I played a few games and took a chance at a shooting game. Kelby Kicked my butt.
We also went to see a Magic show and it was a blast! There were a few tricks in there that had us stumped! And at the very end it "snowed" bubbles!
Funnel Cakes are a huge thing here. And they are delicious! Kelby and I shared a powder sugar covered funnel cake and it was amazing...yum yum yummy!
We found a funny little hat shop and took a picture. We were going to get a caricature done of the both of us but the rain had ruined the poor guys papers so he was closed for the day!
They had this cool pottery shop as well and it was cool all the weird stuff they had...this was the weirdest of them all but I can't tell which face is weirder..Kelby's or the Pots?

While it was raining Kelby and I went to watch a show to find shelter and pass some time together where it was was a Circus on Ice show. There was this married couple who did all this cool swinging from drapes. It was awesome. There were also a few people who did all this crazy skating on ice skate stilts. It was crazy! All in all it was an amazing day!


Amanda said...

My favorite part of this entire post was Kelby's FANNY PACK!


He looks like my mom at Disney World.

Ha, no seriously. Looks like fun you guys! Miss you!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

I know where you got that cute brown and pink sweatshirt!!!!! For a STEAL--Cutie patootie! I think Kelby and you should start an flying in the air ice show together!! You would be RICH!