Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh ThE pLaCeS yOu WiLl Go...

For the Family reunion in Flagstaff AZ, we went to the Grand Canyon, it was beautiful, here are a few pics.

Amberlyn, Kelby, Me and Mikkelle

Kelby and Mikkelle had lots of fun hanging out together under the Red umbrella trying not to get sunburned. Mikkelle was fine, but Kelby got permanent stripes on his face...

Yay Red umbrella~

Mikkelle looking like she passed out. Nice.

Alicia took us took us to this awesome restaurant where the waiters and waitresses sang to you while they served you food. It was a blast and all the girls got boas while the boys got bowler hats.

Kelby, me and Mikkelle had matchings shirts~

Mikkelle looking helpless

Kelby and I and Mikkelle dressed up as a Saloon Girl, A Cowgirl and an Indian


The Sorensen Bunch said...

It was time for some new posts-the LONGER the better I say!! Such cute reunion pictures (send some via email). I am going through withdrawals from everyone!!! Including your cute family self-- that went ALL out in the theme & clothes department, might I add. OK Love the Mikkelle playing piano video--I cannot believe she sat that long!

Kristofer & Corrine said...

I cannot believe how big she is getting, yet still so cute!! I love those cheeks!!

booboo said...

Who is the sexy shadow in the middle?! Ow Ow!!

John and Cara said...

Love the piano talent- a girl after my own heart! Love the reunion pics- such fun memories. You guys rule!!