Monday, December 17, 2007

Little Miss V.I.P.

Well Mikkelle had a blast last night, aside from cousin Stephen trying to give her a "lick" of chocolate. Haha. We all (the cousins) got together yesterday evening to have FHE with Grandpa and Grandma Hutchings. Sure, we had fun listening to Scott play a cool/ weird instrument from Zelda, and the lesson by Kyle was great. We had yummy puppy chow and everyone loved playing the chimes. But Little Miss V.I.P. took the whole stage. Not just the center of it! Everyone wanted to hold her. Katie was soo cute with her and Mikkelle kept smiling. Although, I have yet to catch that cute smile on camera! Mikkelle played musical chairs all night.

Next was cousin Todd. Apparently Todd has a fetish with what he called "Blipping the Cheeks." He "blipped" Mikkelle's squishy cheeks several times last night. Weird. What's even weirder is that she actually liked it and flashed him a couple of her adorable smiles. Although, in the picture of them, you can't tell...haha. She looks a little tipsy. Maybe she got "blipped" too much.

Then of course there was Grandma. Mikkelle had a little trouble on her lap. Grandma was leaning back in her chair trying to hold Mikkelle up so Mikkelle kept sliding down. It took like 15 pictures to get her high enough and of course Grandma had to partially close her eyes. Not that you notice that because Mikkelle's flailing arms!

Now Grandpa was a different story. He is SO cute with babies and just adored Mikkelle. He kept calling her a "precious little baby." It was so sweet. Mikkelle was a little fussy at the moment and REALLY wanted her binky, but Grandpa insisted that we remove it for the pictures. And every time we did she cried. So we had to trick her. We'd give her the binky, get everything else situated and ready and right before we took the picture, we'd pull the binky out. It was the only thing that worked....but we still couldn't seem to calm down those FLAILING arms.

I love this picture! Mikkelle is just looking straight at John completely enthralled with his face. He got a lot of coos and smiles out of her that night. She loves Uncle John.

You see that face? I almost did it! I almost got her smile in a picture. But my camera needs faster pixels apparently because it made her look like she was irritated or something. I got her faded smile. Oh wells she's still cute, and hey! At least Cara's smiling!

So my little V.I.P. daughter got lots of lovin' last night and gave lot's of lovin'. And her mommy couldn't be happier.

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

I LOVE it! I do miss those Christmas FHE's at Gma and Gpa's. She is chunkin' out for sure!! Good lunch lady momma! Have fun snappin' until you can get the blippin' smile out of her! ha ha ha-Aunt Mara and uncle Big Bad John were in HOG heaven!