Monday, December 31, 2007


So, Kelby and I and Mikkelle went to L.A. to visit Chad and Beth on our way to Christmas with Kelby's family. We had a ton of fun. While Chad was at work Beth took us to Hollywood to walk around. There was a lot to see and it was BEAUTIFUL! Especially coming from Utah where it was freezing. It was so nice to get out in the CA air. It had been over a year since Kelby and I had been back to California and it was Mikkelle's first time. She was such a good baby and literally slept the ENTIRE drive there and back. THANK HEAVENS. I don't know what I would have done if she'd cried the whole way!

Beth took us to the Hollywood Blvd, I think is what it's called. We saw all the stars and the hand and feet impressions. We took a pic of Mikkelle in Shirley Temples feet. I used to LOVE her growing up. Mikkelle looks so little in this picture it cracks me up. She's just like a little person. Especially in her Ugg boots. Probably one of the best parts of walking around was seeing all the funny people. Namely, Batman, Catwoman, Spongebob and Captain Jack Sparrow. Haha. Apparently people dress up as characters from movies and when you take a picture with them, they expect you to pay them or well, tip them anyway. Although I don't know who would pay a Batman that had a beer belly and looked as though he retired 40 years ago.
Looking at all the star names was a lot of fun. I didn't realize how many there were though. It was hard to get some good pictures though because there are a TON of people. I was also being followed around by Spongebob (apparently I "owed" him money for the picture below) and Beth got a comment on reproducing. Haha. There was also this magician who was actually quite talented that did some tricks for Kayden. Although he called him Jayden about a million times. I video recorded most of it. Kelby also did a little jig with Mikkelle in the street to some rappers. She likes to "get down."

Speaking of getting down. There was this not so heterosexual male outside of this little shake shop that was dancing to the mall music. It was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS and VERY DISTURBING at the same time. Haha, regardless of how wrong it was, it was very entertaining. Anyway, after hanging out in Hollywood for a while we went and picked Chad up and headed towards the pier. It was really windy but absolutely goreous. Mikkelle was all cozy against Kelby in her little snuggly and slept the whole time. It was wonderful to be at the ocean again. It had been way too long for both of us. It's really hard to see in the next two pictures but there is a HOLLYWOOD sign behind us.
It's just really really little. I went to build a bear and bough Mikkelle some matching aviators so she could be just like her daddy. I thought they were super cute and super funny. I should have bought some for me so we could have all matched. Oh wells. They look really cute together and they got a lot of looks and smiles. Kelby and I had a blast in L.A. and had fun visiting with family. Chad and Beth were great hosts and showed us a really good time. I can't wait to go back again and see them!

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

Love Chad and Beth's house!!! So fun there huh? LOVE the uggs and glasses! ha ha ha Can't wait to see your x-mas posts!! Hey, Dans sister amy said she left a comment on one of your blogs. She lives there in Utah- I have always thought you two would be kindered spirits. She jsut had a baby girl too! She is trendy and a shopper and decorates her home like you. Anywasy- Kelby and her hung out a bit before the miss. You guys should play games with them. It would be fun to have close couple friends!!! Anyways- LOVE you and sad we cannot get more of Mikkelle